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All TNT termite inspectors are trained and licensed by the Nebraska State Department of Agriculture. We use the most effective termiticides available.

We strive for the highest possible quality of service to ensure your home is free of termites. We offer the following warranties on our work:


TNT offers a one-year warranty on all inspections. If termites should appear in the buildings covered by the inspection within one year of the date of the inspection certificate, TNT Termite Services will treat the entire affected structure at no cost.


TNT Termite Services offers a five-year warranty on all treatment services. If termites return within the first five years after treatment, we will re-treat the home or building at no additional cost.

“Amazing service! I will definitely tell anyone who needs this service done to contact TNT".

- Joseph

"As a real estate professional it is great to know through personal experience that the company I have referred is truly a top-notch, Class A company that I am confident will take care of our clients."

- Suzi

“Great job and was very professional. Highly recommended. Thank you for your services and professionalism."

- Jake

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